What we do

At Custodia Wealth Solutions, we are committed to providing a professional and comprehensive approach to financial planning. There are many components that make up our service.

Getting started


It's never too early to start thinking about your financial future. Even for those who believe they are too young or not wealthy enough to require a Financial Advisor, it is still important to learn smart money habits early, which can ultimately set you up for later on in life.

Gaining control of your cashflow is an essential step towards financial freedom. We can help you to get started with simple steps such as:


  • Budgeting: developing a realistic budget that suits you and your lifestyle

  • Debt reduction: streamlining your debts and minimise the interest you pay

  • HECS / HELP: find the best way to pay off your studies 

  • Saving for your first home: how much can you afford, how much you need for a deposit and how to get pre-approval for a loan.

Wealth accumulation


We can work with you to help you understand the diverse investment opportunities that are available to accumulate long term wealth, and the various strategies that can be implemented to provide the best outcome.
Some of the areas that we will consider in developing suitable wealth accumulation strategies for you are:


  • Regular savings plans

  • Shares and managed funds

  • Investing using borrowed funds

  • Tax effective strategies

  • Redundancy advice



Superannuation is one of your most important assets. It is also a highly tax effective form of wealth creation. So from an early age it's important that you are maximising your superannuation benefit.


We can help you to:


  • Find any lost superannuation you might have

  • Consolidate your superannuation funds and help you save on fees

  • Choose the most suitable investment options

  • Understand your insurance options within superannuation

  • Explore the benefits of salary sacrifice and other superannuation strategies

  • Determine whether a self-managed super fund is right for you





Retirement planning


Whether you are approaching retirement or still a few years away, we can help you understand all of the options available to suit you and your ideal retirement such as:


  • Transition to retirement strategies: boost your superannuation while maintaining your current level of income

  • Income streams: structuring account based pensions and annuities to provide the income you require in retirement

  • Social security: understand Centrelink rules to ensure you obtain the maximum tax and social security benefits

  • Aged care: evaluating your options when the time has come to move to a Retirement Village or Aged Care home

  • Estate planning: working with your legal advisor to ensure your assets are passed on in accordance with your wishes in the most tax effective manner

Wealth protection


Wealth protection is an integral part of your financial plan that enables you to protect yourself and your family in times of financial hardship. Depending on your situation, there are a variety of covers which may be suitable for you:

  • Life cover

  • Income protection

  • Trauma cover

  • Total and permanent disablement cover


We can assist you to determine the appropriate level of insurance cover for you and your family and help you decide on the best policies.