How we do it

At Custodia Wealth Solutions, our aim is to show you the value in identifying your goals and objectives and then making sure financial strategies are in place to support them.


The advice that we offer is tailored to each of our clients, therefore the strategies that we recommend will be uniquely suited to your individual needs. The process that we take to develop these strategies and implement your plan, however, is broadly similar for all our clients.

Step one - initial meeting


Our first no obligation consultation is all about getting to know you. We will assess your current financial situation and help you to identify your goals and objectives.


We will then give you a clear idea of the scope and cost of the financial advice to be provided.

Step two - getting all the facts


Once you have agreed to engage our services, we will then perform an in depth analysis of your current position and complete a personal financial profile and determine your tolerance to financial risk.


This information will form the basis of your financial plan.

Step three - advice preparation


Using the information gathered, we will analyse possible strategies and options and research legislation and products in order to prepare our recommendations.


Step four - advice presentation


We will present your strategy in a document known as a Statement of Advice (SOA). This document will contain your customised recommendations and other important information.


We will discuss everything in detail to ensure that you are fully educated. We expect you to take our advice document home to read carefully.


A follow-up meeting is held if required to answer any further questions you may have.

Step five - advice implementation


Once you have considered our advice and are comfortable to proceed, we will then help you to implement the recommendations.

Step six - ongoing review


A good Financial Plan is only the beginning. Strategies can only be created in light of the current investment and economic environments along with your ever changing lifestyle goals, needs and objectives.


Through our ongoing advice service we are able to make the changes to your strategies and investments when you need them most.


We will meet with you regularly to advise you on your progress and keep you informed about new opportunities, emerging risks and regulatory changes.